Hi, I'm Emily, owner & maker at Star Seventeen.

I come from a family full of craftspeople and making things is something that seems to just be a part of me. As long as I can remember, I have been working on some sort of art or craft project. I have had major obsessions with many different art forms, but my current passion is knitting.

Knitting is my meditation. I absolutely love the peacefulness I feel when I am working with my knitting needles and yarn. It is all about textures and the senses. The smell and feel of the yarn and the sound of the needles. The repetitiveness of the craft creates a calm and clear mind. Creating pieces that bring cozy comfort to people warms the heart. It really is a full experience!

I do everything from designing, making, photographing and modeling all my products, to social media, customer support and shipping, as well as designing all marketing materials and social media graphics. I have my hands in every detail of my business, every product made and order sent out.

Thanks for checking out my shop & feel free to reach out to me via convo with any questions or just to say hi!
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